Contact Mark The Mechanic at: 304-395-3330. In a rush and don’t have time to call, feel free to send a text.

Your portable generator can be a real headache to start and keep running when you need it most. With the ethanol in fuels today and the long time generators sit idle, it can create a problem for you when you plan to start-up the equipment.

If your generator fails to start or won’t run correctly, bring it to Mark The Mechanic and let us check it out. Most problems can be simple and we can have your generator returned back to you promptly. Down time can be costly at the job site or irritating when you need to provide power to your home. The worst time to find that out is after a big storm rips through Mason County WV.

With our share of bad weather, it is imperative that you keep your generator running its best and ready for when you need it the most. An important tip is to start the generator at least once a month and let it run for 10 minutes or more. Check to be sure it is providing power by testing the outlets with a tester or plugging in a corded appliance such as a fan.

If it doesn’t start, call Mark The Mechanic for all your generator repair needs in Mason County WV.




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