Contact Mark The Mechanic at: 304-395-3330. In a rush and don’t have time to call, feel free to send a text.

Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn tractor repair shop for owners in Barboursville, Milton and Ona WV. Our shop provides troubleshooting, diagnostic, repairs, blade sharpening, oil changes, oil, air and fuel filter changes, belt removal and replacement, engine and transmission service, tire and wheel service and much more.

By having your lawn tractor maintained as necessary, it will provide a reliable and trouble-free machine that will operate as it is supposed to. Lawn tractors work in dusty, dirty and wet conditions which cause them to wear out more quickly than other machines. That is why it is so important to maintain them well by changing items such as air, fuel and oil filters.

Lawn mowers are expensive and protecting your investment is so important for without proper maintenance, the wear will accelerate rapidly and the mower won’t last very long. Preventive maintenance is a cost-effective solution to keeping your mower functioning properly.

When you need a lawn tractor repair shop in Barboursville, Milton or Ona WV, contact Mark The Mechanic today!


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