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Your machines have worked hard for you all season and now it is time to put them to rest for their long winter nap. There are certain things that should be done to assure your lawn mower, string trimmer or other equipment will start easily and run the following year. Follow these six steps to make your start-up pain-free next year.

First, wash the machine thoroughly taking care not to spray water into the carburetor or sensitive electronics. Remove the dirt, grease, grass and grime that have collected all summer long. Pay close attention to the cooling fins on the engine and make sure they are cleaned of any debris.

Second, look for any broken, worn or damaged items that will need to be repaired before you put your machine in hibernation mode. It will be better to have them repaired now than to wait for weeks during the busy season at the small engine shop next spring.

Third, it is time to sharpen the blade, chain or cutting edges before you put the machine away. By doing it now, it will be one less thing you need to worry about when you are ready to use your equipment.

Fourth, the oil should be changed and fuel stabilizer added to the gasoline. Make sure it is stabilizer and not fuel treatment. There is a difference! Run the engine for at least 10 minutes to ensure that the stabilizer makes its way to the carburetor and fills the carburetor bowl. Some manufactures recommend running the engine completely out of gas. Consult your manual for what is recommended.

Fifth, if your equipment has a battery, either place a batter tender on it or fully charge it and remove it from the machine if it is stored in an outside building.

Finally, store the equipment where it will not be damaged such as the corner of the garage or shed. If you are storing a pressure washer, make sure to store it in a heated area where it will not be subjected to freezing temperatures. The water that is left inside the pump and hoses can freeze and burst the pump and hoses.

By following these simple tips before you store, you will have a much greater chance that your equipment will start and run properly for you.

Mark The Mechanic can provide all these services for you and will winterize your machines so they will be ready to tackle all your outdoor chores this coming spring. Give us a call at 304-395-3330 and we would be happy to help.






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