Contact Mark The Mechanic at: 304-395-3330. In a rush and don’t have time to call, feel free to send a text.

If your lawn mower is not running right, won’t start or is surging, it needs to be checked out and diagnosed to determine what is causing the problem and a repair recommended. There are many things that can cause these types of problems and the lawn mower should be systematically reviewed to determine its condition.

Mark The Mechanic can also sharpen lawn mower blades, provide oil changes, remove and replace belts, replace broken wheels, adjust controls and cables, repair self-propelled and other drive systems, grease and lubricate the chassis and diagnose electrical problems.

We can have your Cross Lanes WV lawn mower repaired quickly and running like new. If you need a pick up and delivery service, we can provide that for you as well.

Hard starting or no starting are the most common problems that we troubleshoot daily. Broken starter ropes and rewind systems are another common problem. Many of today’s mowers have a battery start system that make it easier to turn the engine over than a simple pull rope. When the battery gets weak, it won’t turn the engine over fast enough to start it. So keep your battery fully charged to ensure a normal start each time.

When you need lawn mower repair in Cross Lanes WV, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!


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