Contact Mark The Mechanic at: 304-395-3330. In a rush and don’t have time to call, feel free to send a text.

Do you have a lawn mower that is not cooperating and giving you fits every time you try to start it or when it runs? If so, you need to call Mark The Mechanic and schedule an appointment to have your machine inspected and diagnosed. You don’t have to constantly fight a poor running lawn mower and end up on the losing end of that battle.

Common problems we fix are poor idling, won’t stay running, misfires, surging and hard starting lawn mowers. Today’s fuels wreak havoc on mower carburetors and fuel systems. If the mower has been sitting for a long time such as over winter, you can bet that your carburetor could be plugged up with fuel that has broken down and turned into a gel like substance.

This substance will block the tiny ports inside the lawn mower carburetor and cause it to not get any fuel to the engine. It doesn’t take much to plug one of these tiny carburetors up today.

When you need help with your small engine repair in Winfield, Eleanor or Fraziers Bottom, call Mark The Mechanic at 304-395-3330 today!




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