Contact Mark The Mechanic at: 304-395-3330. In a rush and don’t have time to call, feel free to send a text.

Tired of your old mower not running its best? It can be frustrating at best to fight with your mower and not get the job done while your grass keeps right on growing.

Mark The Mechanic can repair a poor running lawn mower, perform a spring tune up or simply change belts and other parts. If you need an oil change, we can do that too. Good maintenance is critical to a great running lawn mower and sharp blades will provide the best cut and won’t tear the grass blades which can result in disease entering into the grass.

Pick up the phone and call 304-395-3330 and arrange to have your lawn mower checked out and a recommendation made to get it back to its peak operating condition. Most repairs can be done promptly depending on the time of year. The sooner we receive it in the shop, the sooner we can have it back to you. If you continue to run the lawn mower is a poor state, you could be damaging it further and that damage could be catastrophic. By catching problems early, they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn mower repair company in Cross Lanes, Nitro and St. Albans WV.




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