Ph. 304-395-3330

If you need quality small engine repair for your generator, snow blower, lawn mower or other outdoor power equipment, Mark The Mechanic is here to help. We will provide a thorough inspection of your equipment and provide an estimate to repair or overhaul the machine.

We commonly repair push, self-propelled, riding and Zero Turn lawn mowers.

An improper running engine or broken implement can make your work take longer and can be dangerous. Today’s equipment has switches and other safety devices that must be working properly to keep you safe.

Common problems we solve are hard to start or no starts. Rough idling or low power are other problems that occur on a regular basis. Bad fuel and lack of regular maintenance is the culprit for most machines not running their very best.

Maintenance is so important because of the dirty and dusty environments. Dust clogs air filters and is ingested into the engine. This dirt is like sandpaper and will score the cylinder and piston which will cause it to lose power.

Give us a call at 304-395-3330 and let us evaluate the machine and get you back running at its best in Milton Barboursville Culloden WV Small Engine Repair.


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