Portable Electric Generator

Ph. 304-395-3330

Is your generator hard to start or won’t start at all? Chances are if it has been sitting for a while, it will be difficult or impossible to start. There is no need to pull the starter rope or turn the key hoping it will start if it doesn’t on the first few pulls. It is time to take it in to get it checked out and see what the problem is.

Mark The Mechanic will thoroughly inspect your generator to determine why it won’t start and provide an estimate to fix your machine. It may be something that is simple to fix or require more in-depth repair. In either case, you will need a professional to examine it and take expert care of it.

Give us a call at 304-395-3330 and speak to a small engine repair expert for an appointment to drop off the machine. Don’t wait until we have the next big storm that wipes out your power before you have that needed maintenance or repair performed on your generator.

Mark The Mechanic is your Nitro and St. Albans WV generator repair expert.


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