Lawn Mower Repair Kanawha County WV – 304-395-3330

Do you need a quality repair shop to work on your lawn mower in Kanawha County WV? Is it not working as it should or in need of a tune-up?

Mark The Mechanic is your local lawn mower repair shop that works on all makes and models of lawn mowers. No matter where you bought it or what brand it is, we can repair it for you quickly and effectively.

We repair common things like carburetor issues, hard starting or no starting, drive train problems and not so common problems such as electrical issues and transmission problems.

From tune-ups to teardowns, we can handle everything in between. Many times it is something that is fairly simple that needs address to get your lawn mower back running great once again. Your lawn is going to continue to grow and we want to return your mower back to you as quickly as possible.

Just give us a call at 304-395-3330 and let us take expert care of your lawn mower. We will schedule you into the shop and get your lawn mower inspected, diagnosed, repaired and tested.

Call Mark The Mechanic for all your Lawn Mower Repair in Kanawha County WV – 304-395-3330



Lawn Mower Repair Big Chimney Mink Shoals Pinch WV – 304-395-3330

When you need quality lawn mower repair, Mark The Mechanic is your one stop lawn mower shop. We service all types of lawn mowers from push, self-propelled, riding, walk behind and Zero Turn mowers. No matter what brand you own or where you bought it, we are here to help.

Call our shop or send us a text to 304-395-3330 and bring your lawn mower to our shop. We will quickly inspect, diagnose, repair and test your equipment to ensure that it is in proper working condition. We can perform all types of repairs such as carburetor rebuilding, engine replacement, cylinder head repair and replacement, electrical repair and so much more. We are your local experts at lawn mower repair and are certified in all the major engine manufactures such as Briggs and Stratton, Honda, Kohler and Tecumseh.

We understand that no one likes to wait for weeks and months for their lawn mower to be repaired. So we work quickly and accurately to ensure yours is repaired and returned to you. The grass still continues to grow while your mower is in the shop!

For quality Lawn Mower Repair in Big Chimney Mink Shoals Pinch WV – 304-395-3330.

Lawn Mower Repair Clendenin and Elkview WV – 304-395-3330

If you need expert lawn mower repair in Clendenin and Elkview WV, Mark The Mechanic is here to assist. We work on all makes, brands and models of lawn mowers from simple push mowers to self-propelled, riding and Zero Turns. We are a full service shop and commonly repair carburetor problems, fuel system malfunctions, engine issues and more. Whether it is a deck or drive issue, we can handle that as well.

From a full tune-up to simple repairs, we can get your lawn mower back running like it should be. We understand that you don’t like to wait for weeks to get your mower back. Our shop will quickly inspect, diagnose, troubleshoot and repair it and get it back to you as quick as possible. The grass never sleeps and continues to grow and grow.

Lawn mower repair is our core business and accounts for most of the machines that comes through our shop. We are certified in Honda, Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh and Kohler engines and work on a variety of engines as well. We can get parts for just about any engine made so we can help with yours.

Call on Mark The Mechanic for all your Lawn Mower Repair in Clendenin and Elkview WV – 304-395-3330.



Husqvarna Lawn Mower Repair Charleston WV -304-395-3330

Mark The Mechanic is your local Husqvarna repair shop. We service all models of Husqvarna push, self-propelled, riding and Zero Turn lawn mowers. These dependable lawn mowers are made with the best materials and often have a Honda engine on them to make them even better.

Occasionally a Husqvarna lawn mower will need service or repair. Mark The Mechanic is just a phone call away and would be glad to help you. We can also pick up your lawn mower, bring it to our shop and then repair it and return it back to you.

Common problems we repair are drive wheels, safety bail cables, drive cables and belts, blades and fuel issues. We also work on engines, oil systems, transmissions, wheels and tires and more.

Just give us a call at 304-395-3330 and speak to a knowledgeable certified lawn mower repair technician. We can quickly get your mower in our shop, inspect, diagnose, troubleshoot and repair it. We understand that you don’t have time to wait for weeks for your mower to be returned to you and will expedite the repair for you.

Call Mark The Mechanic for all your Husqvarna Lawn Mower Repair Needs in Charleston WV –304-395-3330


Snow Blower Repair Red House and Liberty WV – 304-395-3330

When you live on a mountain, your need a good snow blower when those winter storms hit and bury you in snow. It may not snow that much in Teays Valley, but it could dump additional accumulation on Red House and Liberty WV in short order. Just this slight bit of elevation change can make all the difference in snow levels as you well know.

If your snow blower does not start, needs a tune-up prior to the winter season or has any other problems, give Mark The Mechanic a call at 304-395-3330 and let us take expert care of it. We will inspect, diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your snow blower and return it to you as quickly as possible.

Your snow blower is an important machine and needs regular maintenance to ensure that it starts easily and will perform your snow removal needs quickly and efficiently.

Most of the time a snow blower comes into our shop it won’t start or will start but only runs for a short period of time. These problems are something we can solve and our shop will test the machine when we are complete with the repair.

So, if your snow blower needs some TLC, bring it to Mark the Mechanic or have us pick it up and return it back to your Red House and Liberty WV home or business.

Toro Riding and Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Repair Cross Lanes WV – 304-395-3330

There are many people in our area that have a Toro lawn mower. It is a very popular brand and millions have been sold worldwide. Toro is among the top 10 brands in the United States and will be for a long time to come. Their quality is fairly good and dependability is as well.

But Toro lawn mowers do have their problems just like any other lawn mower. They break down in their fuel systems, the belt and drive system, the deck blades and spindles and the engine. But when it does, Mark The Mechanic is just a phone call away and is here to help. We repair all types of problems with Toro lawn mowers and can provide expert care of yours.

In some cases you will experience an electrical problem such as blowing fuses or your battery is running down for no reason. These can be repaired and your electrical system restored to proper working order once again. With so many safety switches on today’s lawn mowers, if any one of them fails, nothing will work as it should.

If you have any tire problems that need addressed, we can take care of those as well.

Call Mark the Mechanic for all your Toro Riding and Self-Propelled Lawn Mower Repair Needs in Cross Lanes WV – 304-395-3330.

Log Splitter Repair Winfield Red House Poca WV – 304-395-3330

Are you ready for the upcoming winter and your log splitter is running well? Or is it hard to start, the hydraulics won’t work or is leaking?

Log splitters sit for long periods of time between use and all this sitting is very bad for them. The fuel system gets clogged up, oil leaks can occur because the seals dry up and moisture from humidity can affect the electrical and fuel systems.

Your log splitter is a very important tool for getting your ready to save money on your heating bills. Burning firewood is a great way to heat your home or shop and with the amount of trees in our state, we have plenty of wood for a lifetime.

Mark The Mechanic can repair the engine, hydraulics and chassis of your log splitter quickly and ensure that it is running well. Whether you need a tune-up or just a general repair, we can provide whatever you need to ensure you are ready to go.

Call on Mark The Mechanic for all your log splitter repair needs in Winfield Red House Poca WV – 304-395-3330.